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The Marines of Kilo Company 3rd Battalion 1st Marines fight through their piece…

The Marines of Kilo Company Battalion Marines fight through their piece of Fallujah during the Nov. 2004 assault on the city.

Fuerzas de élite de los EE.UU. en Irak. Valery Rudenko. Más en

Fuerzas de élite de los EE.UU. en Irak. Valery Rudenko. Más en

"US reconnaissance team", Johnny Shumate

"US reconnaissance team", Johnny Shumate

Don Stivers - In Country

US soldiers in Vietnam

Vietnam Painting - Innocence Lost by Wesley Lowe

During a night ambush on a known enemy water crossing, this US Navy SEAL covers his field of fire with a 'chopped' M60 machine gun

The plot is about the war because it made the main character Rick Ward fought…

Attack on a Fire Base in Nam.

"A firebase under attack", Peter Dennis

during the TET Offensive by Howard Gerrard

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"Air War In Vietnam" by Larry Burrows. Small village bursting into flame under a spread of phosphorus explosives dropped during an American air strike against Viet Cong positions.

"Firefight - la guerra de siete minutos

"Firefight - the seven-minute war", Kevin Lyles

US PT boat in Vietnam

La Pintura y la Guerra. Sursumkorda in memoriam

Combined Arms Contact, Vietnam

Australian troops in battle in Vietnam- by Drew Harrison

F-100 Super Sabre in Vietnam

US pilots scramble to their Super Sabre in Vietnam

Battle of Lang Vei

"Lang Vei" (6–7 February 1968), Peter Dennis