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23 Reasons Why It's Delightful Being A Baby

How to guarantee a home for life: 1. Spot tiny human 2. Make introduction 3. Slobber all over said human so nobody else can claim it. 4. Stand watch over little human so no animal or human dare approach. 5. Swear eternal devotion. I <3 THIS!!!!

Dove Totem: Spirit messenger, cross world communication, peace, love and gentleness.She represents feminine power, friendship, prophecy of good things, the hope and awakening of new beginnings.Doves mate for life, build and protect their nest and territory together.In fact, the male and female both produce a milk-like substance to feed their newborns! She teaches lessons of home, love and family.she taps into our creative energies and stirs the emotions,powerful, gentle symbol of love and…