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Here's a set of posters on states of matter and changing states.

Changing States display board

Science foldable, changing states of matter

Phase 3 Grapheme Bingo - Phase 3, Phonic, phoneme, graphemes, phase three, Phonics, bingo, DfES Letters and Sounds, Letters and sounds, lotto

Nice blog post with science foldables dealing with changing states of matter

Changing States display banner (SB6680) - SparkleBox

States of matter and how they go from one state to another state, I may make a little more detailed but nevertheless a great idea. 0358.

States of matter display

Here's a simple fact sheet on changing states of matter. Includes a helpful glossary.

Love this idea! Too bad I have already taught this! Oh well, there is always next year! States of matter with cheerios!

Second Grade Physical Science Activities: States of Matter in a Baggie

Cycle 1 Foldable States of Matter: We should already know this, but it makes density make more sense.