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Wellness requires that some fundamental pillars in your life be standing. Take care of a few of these in each area, to feel better. spiritual community, family/friends, self-forgiveness, thinking differently, Set attainable goals but relax too, exercise, eat well, sleep well.

6 Powerful TED Talks About Mental Health

6 Powerful #TEDTalks about Mental Health #TEDx

Declutter Your Mind: Eliminate Worry, Relieve Anxiety, and Stop Negative Thoughts

6 effective strategies for reframing your negative thoughts. Using positive thinking to overcome negative thinking and increase happiness and mental well being. | An excerpt from SJ Scott and BArrie Davenport's book, DECLUTTER YOUR MIND. Dealing with mental well being.

Depression and low self-esteem are related and can fuel each other. Discover how and learn how to improve both your low self-esteem and depression.

When experiencing intense symptoms of depression and anxiety, logical thinking or decision making is not always possible. Creating a coping toolbox prepares for times when forethought is not possible. During times when you are experiencing lows, this toolbox can provide comfort and strategies to encourage positive thinking. Including things such as favorite music, a sketch pad, or even letters from loved ones can bring anxiety and symptoms of depression to a more tolerable level.

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This is wonderful. It's interesting to learn that even the most unfortunate trait(s) a person can have has a positive disposition too.

Physical, spiritual, lifestyle, mental/emotional and people support - the goal of self-care is to feel vital and balanced [free from depression and anxiety]