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    School Supplies of the 90s SCENTED MARKERS! the high for kids! What best have all colors on you paper and take a big sniff.

    scratch n sniff - i still have one of my sticker books with these in it and they still have scent

    Candy Lipstick...remember these??

    I loved playing this game! Was REALLY good at it!

    For 80s and 90s kids. #OregonTrail #Childhood - I loved this game! We had it on our first computer - the apple IIGS

    Elementary School - movie days!

    You know your a 90s kid when...

    the 90s life

    The importance of parachute day: 50 pictures that will make you relive growing up in the 80's/early 90s

    have always loved these

    I loved rollerskating!

    You're A 90's Kid if...

    What would the '90s be without an overhead projector?

    Fruit stripe gum

    Wow....I loved this stuff!

    Still have mine but I didn't have the raised buttons.

    Dear Diary | 55 Toys And Games That Will Make ’90s Girls Super Nostalgic - I had one of these as a kid

    Loved this show!

    90s Girls - oh man so many of these are awesome!

    Loved these guys

    Invisible Ink fun book - loved, loved, loved these!