A volcano in a mug

Help your students learn about earthquakes through this engaging, hands-on science experiment! Students will understand the effects of earthquakes with this activity!

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Lemon volcanoes, crystal rainbows, and color clouds -- these fun and easy DIY science experiments will wow the whole family.

Come learn an easy trick that will get you the most dramatic, puffy, foamy baking soda and vinegar eruptions and learn the science behind it...

Elephant toothpaste: Set a soda pop bottle in the middle of a pan to catch the toothpaste. Mix these in a separate container and swirl together for a minute. ** 2 tbsp warm water, ** 1 tsp yeast. Mix these in your soda pop bottle: ** 1/2 cup 6% hydrogen peroxide. Pour the yeast mixture into the soda pop bottle...and be amazed!

The best kids experiment- so FUN!

Best 6 Science Experiments in Under an Hour

Fun Science for kids-Pop Rock Eruptions! What could be cooler than colorful eruptions with sound?

17 Hydrogen Peroxide Hacks That Nobody Told You About - One Crazy House

Electric Eels Science Experiment for Kids {Watch gummy worms seem to come alive and jump around in the glass!}

Storm in a tea cup

This is a great simpler version of the color mixing mystery activity I did with my kids this week. This one is perfect for 2 -3 year olds! An invitation to create color surprise eruptions for kids!

Make your own erupting SOUND volcano using pop rocks & other simple household ingredients! What kid wouldn't want to make a volcano with pop and fizzle sound effects as it erupts and bubbles? Way too fun!

Activities: Experiment with "Quicksand" Teaching Liquids and Solids

Rainbow Sugar Water Density Science Experiment STEM activity for kids

Glow erupting rocks using 2 simple ingredients. Kids of all ages would love them.

#Kids love volcanoes - Take a look at this easy to do experiment, and see how fun #science can be!

The Best Kids Science Experiments to Try at Home - the easy yet super fun ones!

1. Use Crayola® crayons, colored pencils or markers to decorate each volcano scene. 2. Cut out the book. 3. Fold along the dotted lines, and staple the left side. 4. Cut the top to separate the pages. 5. Add your own pictures and story on the blank pages.

Volcano Easter Egg Experiment ~ Mad Scientist Egg Dyeing...my kindergartener will like this!

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