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    • Rosie Addiscott

      oh i LOVE hugs!!!! a tight hug means soo much!! if you are reading this then consider yourself HUGGED .... TIGHT!

    • Regan Jones

      My step brother Gary does this! He hugs me sooo tight when I hug him and it shows me he has a tender heart, even if he tries to hide it. I love him and pray for his salvation daily!!

    • Michelle Cohn

      I love when Zoe does this. Cant wait for little Ollie to hug me like this. <3 being their Auntie. Best gifts ever.

    • TitaZ .

      I miss this Babe. I am badly in need of a tight hug from you right now because I miss you. New Year and you are not here anymore. I am alone and lonely. Please be with me in spirit. Hug me tight every night. Talk to me in my dreams. Help me guide my life. I am lost Babe. I cry I lot and you know it. I miss you so very much Babe. I love you so much. You are part of my life and it's void. I will always remember you Babe. I love you Babe. Miss you Babe.

    • 1st Class

      Wise words - Wise Words Of Wisdom, Inspirational quotes

    • Mandy Bunn

      Tight hugs are one of my favorite things!

    • Anna Epperson

      love this!! probably a favorite quote :)

    • Rebekah McCartney

      so true. i love long, tight hugs :)

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    I used to thrift shop with my Mom. She passed away from Cancer Dec 31st 2011. Sometimes when I go shopping at thrift stores, I feel like she is still on the hunt for great things with me, pointing out cool stuff. <3

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