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My thought: This cannot be true. This door must lead to somewhere - ALL DOORS lead to "somewhere" . personally, I am not satisfied with the writing on the door and must examine this myself. I must open the door .

This is beautiful except for the fact that it's pink

This is beautiful except for the fact that it's pink

Why lie?

Jay Littman – Photo of a Skinny White Girl. Proposed billboard-based art project in Los Angeles, CA meant to challenge beauty standards and other accepted values in contemporary culture.

Believe you can and you're halfway there.

How can human bodies do that? Here are some pictures of people bending themselves in ways you didn't think physically . View Pictures of Creepily Flexible People" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

One of the best ideas for a 'cover up' name tattoo I've seen....nice!

LOL A different and cheaper take on the cover-up. Awful, yet hilarious! Lesson: If it isn't your mom, child or a dead person, NEVER ink names on your skin!

If only

Note Well: This will not return you to the beginning as reset requires knowledge *dR* --- Martin Parker

Nessie just wants a friend. Too bad Nessie is a monster. Photos will be printed on matte paper and sent to you unframed and unmatted. Ill

Time to Scare Some Tourists 12x18 Print

Waubay Dragon walking the beach at Blue Dog Lake.Dragon for Life!


She dances to the songs in her head,speaks with the rhythm of her heart, and loves from the depths of her soul Dean Jackson # quote