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This Incredible Pain Relief Method Is As Simple As Putting A Clothespin On Your Ear

Experience incredible pain relief method simply by putting a clothespin on your ear.

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Why Would I Put Essential Oils on My Feet?

Why Would I Put Essential Oils on My Feet? | Loving Essential Oils Reflexology chart of feet and hand. Learn the specific pressure point of the different body systems. Save for future reference!

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Do It Yourself Lymphatic Massage

Do It Yourself Lymphatic Massage - supports hormone health and lymph drainage

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Migraine Remedies You Can Make At Home

Types of Headaches

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I Like Reflexology

I had the most impactful experience with reflexology, out of all the modalities I learned and experienced on my wellness journey at VSBM. I was a student in the spa therapy course, at Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage and I fell in LOVE with receiving reflexology.

Relieve Tension and Stress with a Self Hand Reflexology Massage!/OneDoterraCommunity

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Himalayan Salt Lamp Giveaway

The Science of Himalayan Salt Lamps |

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Essential Oils Foot Reflexology Application Chart