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    ust say no to shark fin soup, keep them in the ocean where they belong! This is my tribute to sharks. <:{) To support my conservation efforts in Utila click the link, then scroll down the same page to like, comment and share! :)

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Ocean lovers everywhere, we are at crisis point. The top predator species in the food chain of our oceans is being hunted to extinction. Some shark specie populations are estimated to have declined by over 99% since the 1970′s! This great chart shows the shocking truth of shark population declines since the 1970s.

Sharks Kill 5 People Per Year. We Kill 8,000 Sharks Per Hour. This Seems Fishy To Me.

Mainly based on US facts, but still holds the same principle - you're more likely going die from a mosquito than a shark!

Shark finning, it's devestating the shark population, but what is shark finning? Check out this infographic. #sharkweek

The ocean is full of bizarre creatures, among them are some very odd sharks. Find out what makes the sharks in this graphic our picks for the world's

Sharks are some of our favorite sea creatures to (safely) encounter on our dive trips and we love learning more about them. For instance, did you know that some species only grow to be 6-8 inches long? #sharks #scuba

Whale shark in Djibouti's coastal waters. From National Geographic