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This is what most people should know in my school. I try not to mention this with my parents because I have true weekness in trying to talk to people. Teachers sometimes don't like me because I never talk.


True introversion - not being overly shy, but needing to be alone to get energy, and thinking things through (usually a lot) before actually being willing to say anything. That's why what I think is much more than what I actually say.

i wonder...

Do you see me? Or do you just look through me? Do you see me for who I really am? Or do you see me as just another person?

E' inutile scappare se nei ricordi ci affoghi

Tu non capisci.e io non posso spiegarti reality #

pinterest @happyandveg ✰ // being kind is cool

pinterest @happyandveg ✰ // being kind is cool