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Paper bag houses...Great project for kids to learn their address.

paperbag houses!

adorable play city made from paper bags

I bought a lot of paper bags for party favors and now I need to find uses for them... so of course... kid crafts.

Paper bag tepees

Have you ever used a Vowel Tree in your school room?  A Vowel Tree helps children develop the pre-reading skill, word blends.  If a Vowel Tree is new to you, here are a few tips. Start by placing one consonant from your moveable alphabet, such as ”r” in front of “a”.  Say “ra” to the child.  Move down the trunk until you’ve demonstrated all of the word blends: “re”, “ri”, “ro”, “ru”.  Let the child take a turn.  Start by providing them with a limited amount of consonants.  As they g...

Cut 2 paper plates into 3 triangular pieces and paint green. Paint a paper towel roll brown. Cut slits in it about 1/3 of the way up on one end. Spread and tape to another paper plate. Glue tree pieces together and decorate with button,gems,sequins or paper dots. Add a star at the top and glue onto the paper towel roll.

Tubeapalooza: Paper towel tube ramps... Taking it to the next level. Raid the recycle bin and give ramp options galore! (paper towel tubes, toilet paper tubes, egg cartons, pie tins, baby food snack containers, ribbon spools...)

VERDICT: Fun & Cute. We did not do ties for the top because of time constraints and we used colored paper not burlap. Still...nice! Thanksgiving craft...we wrote what we were thankful for on each feather/finger. Kindergarten Art Project.


pasta skeleton - my kids would love this - great school project. Maybe that is just the ex-homeschooling mom coming out in me.

Paper Plate Wolf

paper cat craft for Sam come back. Make an "at" cat

For teachers...a good lesson...

Construction play area

M is for Music: Preschool Lesson Plan - Make homemade maracas made from spoons, tape, egg, and rice! whatsupfagans.com

Birds for the wall

paper bag puppets