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Creative way to give money as a gift.

this whole blog has nothing but creative ways to decorate packages.

Creative Ways to Give Money as a Gift! I love messing with my nieces and nephews who prefer money in lieu of a gift, so this will be perfect for Christmas!

A cute way to give money, or have kids guess the correct amount of candy...winner gets the jar filled with sweets and cash!

Nice if you are giving money (especially tooth fairy money!)Cool ways to fold money for gifts

It's Overflowing | Tips to Simplfy, Beautify, Delight: 20+ AWESOME Ways to Creatively Give a Gift Card www.itsoverflowin... #gifts #giftcards #holidays

31 million+ Ways to Wrap Gifts. Way number 2: Stick That In Your Back Pocket. #gifts #wrapping

Some really cute and clever ways to gift wrap using things you already have around the house!

Creative Ways How To Say Thank You- 1. Lemon Drops – Giving thanks to someone who always makes lemonade out of lemons. 2. Extra gum – The difference between ordinary and EXTRAordinary is the little extra. 3. Swedish Fish - It’s o-FISH-al: I’m casting out a line of Thanks! Hope you catch it! 4. Coffee Shop Gift Card - Thanks a ‘Latte’ for everything you do!

Photo Place: Fun ways to give money as a gift- I hate just handing over in a card.

9 super easy ways to package edible gifts this holiday season! From