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My terms is mine. Listen...its mine. Don't come to my space and tell me its wrong. NO! Don't you dare take control over me, you will fail. Im not below you nor above you, im near you. You.... You just can't see me clearly and im...im just a blurry image.

I can't stop my daughter from smoking or drinking... I see her imminent demise or debilitating health issues even before they've happened. I'm now going to stop that. I only love her. That's it. That's all. To both of you

A More Unique Vintage Things you might find on here: Doctor Who, Avengers, LOTR, Supernatural, Buffy, Sherlock Holmes (any of them), books, mythology, and sparkly things. And please head on over and check out my book(ish) blog : Book...


Hello lovely! I'm Catherine. My tumblr is a look into my life so...get to know me! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you need advice or just someone to talk to message me! Im all ears :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Beautiful People Visiting