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When people think of punks they often think of mohawks, tattoos and spikes. Some punk look like this, but not all.

If I ever have babies this will happen

I'd give my son a mohawk! Super adorable little kid punk look.

Forjando nuestro futuro!!!

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Mario Sorrenti’s Think Punk photoshoot, featured in the October 2010 issue of Vogue Paris

Mario Sorrenti - Photographer Emmanuelle Alt - Fashion Editor/Stylist Recine - Hair Stylist Aaron de Mey - Makeup Artist Daniel Adric - Set Designer Freja Beha Erichsen - M

Quanto custa seu look? A resposta dos fashionistas na semana de moda de Nova York

Quanto custa seu look? A resposta dos fashionistas na semana de moda de Nova York

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Drako if he ever gets his mohawk

I knew a punk rocker that had a mow hawk & he loved roosters. I called him Rooster Boy!

Cabello, accesorio

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Punk Rock | Punkrock.jpg

Punk Rock

Pearl Jam Logo Photo: This Photo was uploaded by febriean_fighters. Find other Pearl Jam Logo pictures and photos or upload your own with Photobucket fr.

Ropa, Calzado y Complementos Punk: www.barrio-obrero.com  Botas con puntera, Cruzadas, Cinturones pinchos, Tintes, Muñequeras, Bombers MA1, Parches, Fanzines...

Looks like my daughter's high school class. Great kids, all grown up to be passionate about social justice, personal responsibility and loving, productive people.

John Belushi, 1981. This was Belushi’s last photo session before his death on March 5th, 1982

John Belushi in what would be his last photo shoot in September 1981