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Ontario Fundraisers: Participant Center - As most of you who know me, know I am a cancer fighter! So with that being said I am sacrificing my hair to make a wig & shaving my head to raise funds for the fight against cancer! Again!!! :) Help me reach my fundraising goal!Please pledge me now and join me in the fight against cancer. Would love for you to join me the on April 27th 2014 in Burlington. Thanks for your support! April Eden - Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

Still rockin the high messy (but still sort of sleek) hipster bun they put me in at the #invisalign shoot... Idk if/when I'll wear one again but in hindsight that's relevant to one of the questions they asked- what can you do now that you couldn't before??. Before my Invisalign treatment lovingly referred to as my #tinyplasticprison I was more likely to hide behind my giant head of hair- I never pull it all back- usually half up half down- now as my Invisalign treatment is near-ish the end…

I am not used to having short hair. Most of the time I am hesitant to have it cut 'cause I just love it long (girls would understand me!:)). But today is an exception 'cause I did it on purpose. I know it will take time to grow it long again but there's no regret. I would gladly do it again and share it to someone I know who would appreciate it most. Today, I'm feeling this inner joy upon knowing I am making a difference on someone else's life. I hope to make someone smile as much as this…

Instagram media meredithmickelson - wow I am mind blown by all the reposts and messages written. I wish I could give it to all of you guys seriously made me the happiest person on the planet and all my love goes to you. Who knows I might be checking them again in a week for round 2... ;) I worked really hard on this for YOU, we're uploading the pictures to the sight and then the shirts will be ready for everyone!!! sorry for the delay. I'm freaking out. I'm so excited. AHHH (…

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Behold….My New Look!!!!

Yesterday I got my first hair piece, it's weird. I am now a woman who wears wigs...but I'm also a woman who can wear "her" hair down again! It's exciting!!!

Did You OVER SPEND in 2012? D-I-Y Beauty Tips to Get You Through January. by MELISSA FRANCE on Jan 11, 2013 • 6:56 am • I know that the all-encompassing euphoria of the holiday season made you do it. There were twinkling lights and catchy songs, a giving spirit and generous nature, deals that would never come around again and people to shop for who you love, etc., etc. You are not alone. I am guilty, too. December doesn’t really even count in my annual budget. Every rule go

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See Who's Playing Merida on Once Upon a Time Next Season

While we're not sure what her storyline will entail yet, we certainly hope that at some point she'll be shootin' for her own hand.