my halloween costume _DIY Cotton Candy Costume. Pink tshirt, Pillow fill, Adhesive spray, Pink paint (for silk flowers), Clown wig (with hair cut off and replaced with pillow fill), light Poster board for cone, Elastic to hold cone on head, Pink polka dot knee highs, Blush and glitter for face + a cute kid! too cute! @Sue Ledezma, this is too funny@ lol so cute


Mama Bird sitting on Egg - 2013 Halloween Costume Contest via @costumeworks

At last years Halloween party, this was my favorite costume there!

halloween costume

Lucille Ball

Great costume!!!!

We are totally doing this for of the kids will have to dress up as fire though so we have enough costumes :)

Frozen Elsa Pumpkin - A Pumpkin And A Princess

Chik-fil-A Cow - Halloween Costume Contest

Boobs! Halloween Costume Contest via @costumeworks - hilarious, as long as you never leave each others side...

scarecrow+costume | Scarecrow - Homemade costumes for babies

Couples Halloween Costume

candy bar bats... #halloween #chocolate

Cotton candy halloween costume

Funny and cute bath sponge group costume idea

Jellyfish costume

Castaway Couple - Homemade costumes for couples

Scuba Divers - easy DIY costumes!

Halloween costumes. Cute!