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  • Shaya

    Etat des lieux de la publicité sociale - La plupart des marketeurs ne peuvent pas mesure l'impact de leur campagne #socialads

  • Rino Pugliese

    The State of Social Ads [Report] Come si evolve l’advertising sui Social Network?

  • Alexander Abramov

    The State Of Social #Ads #infographic #Socialmedia #advertising is big business – #Facebook, #LinkedIn and #Twitter combined for well over 5 billion dollars in ad revenue in 2012. But measuring the impact of these tools continues to prove problematic. Indeed, 62 of advertisers, and 70 percent of agencies, are either unsure or flat-out do not know how to measure their social marketing #ROI. This infographic takes a closer look at the state of social media ads.

  • Abdul Rehman
    • 1 year ago

    HI Pixxfly,thanks for your kind and informative reply.but i have read it somewhere i don't remember right now that fortune 500 do branding without tracking.but i am not expert in it so i can just give my honest thought.Again thanks for correcting me

  • Miascloset
    • 45 weeks ago

    Looks like FB is still number one?

  • Behm Design
    • 42 weeks ago

    Just Curious! How Facebook can be helpful in growing business?

  • Aya Muhamed
    • 32 weeks ago

    Hi Behm Design, let me tell you how :)? many people have small projects, for example one of my friends can bake a very delicous cupcakes an tarts with 3D shapes and so on, she creats a page on facebook for free and starts to adevrtising her products so people communicate with her and for sure she can promote her page with a certain amount of money so that's how FB making money by adevrtising and how it's helpful for people :)

  • Behm Design
    • 32 weeks ago

    Thanks Aya!

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