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"Mira... Mira... Mira... Can't breathe properly, babe." "I LOVE YOU!" "Hehe, yeah, I love you, too, hon." - Kip and Mira |How to Ride a Rollercoaster|

at this rate we are gonna be taking a ton of pictures someday. but that's cool with me!

the laughter of friends ...priceless :) sallykate photography

There hair is all so pretty and I love all of their shoes

bestfriendssss ♥ Strong Legs that girl must have! I think i would drop the other girl lol

main characters: Tegan was the girl who was in the car when the gun incident happened. Kelly is Tegan sister who Martin was really in love with and not Tegan.

Those Saturday nights we just go so crazy we turn into wild animals lol

Best Friends Victoria Brown Brown Brown Brown Witt remember when u and Mandy did this?

Longboard fun.. one day Ally Squires Engels and will go to Cali together and get a picture just like this one :)