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Redhead Quotes in pictures - Everything for Redheads

Why being a Redhead Rocks! - Everything for Redheads | Everything for Redheads

Jake pinned this and it cracked me up.... Probably because it is so true... We redheads are rare and sometimes very difficult to handle.... I am so lucky I've for a man who can :) YEP!

a face without freckles redhead quote - I don't understand why it's JUST a redhead thing...I have LOTS of freckles and I'm a brunette!


Hey! I made this myself years ago and posted it on Photobucket! lol Too cool to find it again all these years later!

Each freckle we have is a soul we've taken :) So there goes your soulless theories!

Quotes about Redheads ... For my fave soulless ginger kid....

Interesting. Redheads should totally use that when someone brings up that they're just gingers----Um, actually the red hair gene is descended from Neanderthals. If you have red hair, your ancestors probably had a good old time with Neanderthals.

Yup. This is why I always go with a red to dye my hair. My hair is a very light red, orange, blonde color naturally, and I go as red as possible whenever I dye it.

Auburn is a darker shade of red. Really I'm not lying, my hair is red (though it was more bright when I was younger). :)