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Jake pinned this and it cracked me up.... Probably because it is so true... We redheads are rare and sometimes very difficult to handle.... I am so lucky I've for a man who can :) YEP!

a face without freckles redhead quote - I don't understand why it's JUST a redhead thing...I have LOTS of freckles and I'm a brunette!


Hey! I made this myself years ago and posted it on Photobucket! lol Too cool to find it again all these years later!

Quotes about Redheads ... For my fave soulless ginger kid....

Yup. This is why I always go with a red to dye my hair. My hair is a very light red, orange, blonde color naturally, and I go as red as possible whenever I dye it.

Each freckle we have is a soul we've taken :) So there goes your soulless theories!

Hinger, just a hint of #ginger Redhead Quotes in pictures - Everything for Redheads

Interesting. Redheads should totally use that when someone brings up that they're just gingers----Um, actually the red hair gene is descended from Neanderthals. If you have red hair, your ancestors probably had a good old time with Neanderthals.