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G-String - SICgrips

G-String - SICgrips

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Beginner Climbing Gear List

A comprehensive beginner climbing gear list covering the essential climbing gear a new climber will need during their first few months in rock climbing.

Who says gear storage can't look good? - Imgur

Who says gear storage can't look good?

Forgetting to bring along essential climbing gear can end your ascent before it gets started. Use this Trad Climbing Checklist to make sure you leave home with the most important items, including a rope, harness, helmet, shoes, belay device and rack of nuts, hexes and cams. Click the pin to see our complete checklist.

Our comprehensive checklist for trad climbing can keep you from forgetting anything important. Includes climbing gear, clothing and personal items.

Rock climbing gear. Pegboard 31"x48" looks great and keeps everything from being bunched up inside my pack. Best storage idea I ever got from Pinterest.

We all have unique personalities, but we also tend to fit into a storage personality type! Discover these storage tips for our most popular storage personalities. The Millennial. Buying a first hom…

La Sportiva HydroGym (mens) - washable! yay!

HydroGym The first shoe to be made in a completely breathable and washable fabric, created especially for use in indoor climbing gyms and the ideal choice for newcomers to the sport.