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Grades 3-5: Brain Breaks | 4 simple, go-to activities to keep students calm, focused, and motivated in your classroom.

Special-ism — Reach Your Child's Potential with Professional Insights. Fantastic site w/ good resources for autism spectrum and sensory

"Interview with Melanie Fowler, MA Meet author of Look at my Eyes: Autism Spectrum Disorders: Autism and PDD-NOS - Early Intervention and Navigating the System is the book you need at the beginning stage of your journey. our child has just been diagnosed with special needs? You do not know where to turn? What to do? Who to believe? Melanie and Seth Fowler, author-parents, will take you by the hand and show you the ropes."

Help Children with Autism Tune In and Connect [Sponsored by Flummox and Friends

Fun (and FREE) Resources to Help Kids with Autism Tune In & Connect! Sponsored by Flummox and Friends at