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This angle focuses the perspective of the inground pool, pool waterfall. and backyard patio furniture. Great ideas for a new modern backyard and pool can come from this image. From layouts and landscape to DIY decor style ideas.

This angle of the pool gives more perspective to the actual pool itself. It's perfect for swimming laps or summer pool parties. A countryside backyard oasis with the right size inground pool great for all families.

Dream home caliber backyard with great views and cool inground pool, and inviting large custom made travertine patio with brown patio furniture.

If the inground jet spa jacuzzi with the beautiful ocean views wasn't enough, here this dream home captures the imagination and makes you want to call this mansion home. An added warm fireplace and high end custom teak patio furniture and white pillows and white cushions are just the icing on the cake.

A perfect way to end an evening with a cozy backyard fireplace and wrap around sofa. Very resort like and incredible for gathering patio ideas for you own DIY home projects. A design style and decor choice that can fit most homes. A dream home inspired backyard patio.