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THE OFFICIAL Hot Scots drum line - 2011 - Nigel - Talent Show at LHHS Guys. Guys. Seriously? This is one of the coolest things ever. :D Watch!

Monday’s Funny Picture Dump – 124 Pics

I used to have ducklings all the time... I wish I would have thought of this to do as a project!

Some Like It Scot! AHHHHAHAHAHAHA!! Not Irish, but couldn't resist.

Because they can make a dinosaur walk and eat a human: | This Is Why Ohio State University’s Marching Band Is Actually The Best Damn Band In The Land :: My band nerd feels! ::

love this drum stick display at Peeler Drum Center

Too right. This was my Sunday last week watching this

Generic surprise birthday party! I was just looking for ideas for my party on Saturday!

Lots of spare drums in basement...-Joyce Novak Novak Booker Liu Liu Wilson do you still have that old drum? I could see you making this for the dining room!

I saw (and heard *g* ) a Hang Drum player in Strasbourg last year. It's such an amazing instrument. Hard to believe that what's basically a steel pot can make such music! And this vid lets you hear just how awesome it sounds.