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Repurposed Vinyl LP Record Album Art

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Recycled LP Record Coasters $19.99 What to do with all those old outdated LP vinyl records that aren’t needed anymore? Well, instead of filling up our landfills, some entrepreneurial and environmental minded genius came up with the idea to recycle them into drink coasters! Brilliant! Recycled LP Record Coasters feature various and random artists from all music eras. Cool gift idea for retro and music lovers!

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Duplicate a vinyl record #vinyl #DIY

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Vinyl Record Bracelet

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45 Record Lamp... awesome!

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$14.99 Cassette Shaped Necklace/Earrings cut out of a recycled vinyl record! Each piece of VLING jewelry is made out of recycled vinyl records! Now you can wear your music! Each piece is one of a kind due to the random nature of the grooves found in each record. Necklaces are approx. 2" x 2" or 2" x 2.5, depending on design. Earrings are approx. 1.5" x 1.5"

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Vinyl Record Album Single Wall Hook Display by ThisNThatHodgePodge, $15.00

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Wooden twine and burlap frame by TheGreenGiftCompany on Etsy, $20.00

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19 Ways To Reuse Vinyl Records

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Recycled Lp Vinyl Record Coptic Journal

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Dishfunctional Designs: Repurposed Vinyl LP Record Album Art - get your albums at renewsables and make your own magazine holder!

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Goodwill Tips: Crafting With Vinyl: The Best in Record Crafts. I love the scratchy sound of music on vinyl and the old diners decorated with 45's. Seems to make the food taste so much better. Brings back many good memories too.

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It would be fun to make these coasters with maps of places in the world you'd been.

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DIY decor idea for when you have those old records too scratched up to play. Upcycle it into cute wall art!

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Inspiration from The Block, think this would look great in our music room! Cool Idea: Create Wall Art With Records -

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Iphone Wallpapers, Vinyls I Need, Wallpapers Cases, Phone Cases, Cell Phone, Awesome Case

Vinyl Record Coasters! Vinyl records can be found in abundance at auctions! What a great upcycle / recycle/ repurpose idea.

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