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Spiritual Lush,Wispy Green Moss Large Resin Sphere Bronze Reliquary Terrarium Pendant-Harmony, Hope, Balance, Renews Energy-Gifts Under 35

Dandelion Seed Green Glass Reliquary Terrarium Pendant-Ride The Wind-Gifts Under 32-Nature's Art-Symbolizes Happiness, Affection, Desire

Protection-Milk Thistle Seeds Resin Orb Reliquary Terrarium Pendant-Symbolizes Protection-Unique Nature's Wearable Art-Gifts Under 35

Spiritual Heaven & Earth Ombre Blue Green Dandelion Seed Reliquary Pendant w/Verdigris End Caps-Symbolizes Happiness-Nature's Wearable Art

Winter White Love In The Mist,Green Feather Ferns Glass Teardrop Pressed Flower Pendant-Nature's Art-Symbol Of Love,Affection-Gifts Under 30

Ride The Wind-Warmth Of The Sun & Green Grass-Small Glass Dandelion Seed Terrarium Reliquary Pendant-Symbolizes Happiness,Faithfulness

Perseverance-Lush, Rich, Green Feather Fern Beveled Glass Rectangle Pendant-Symbolizes Perseverance-Nature's Wearable Art

Perseverance-Small Lush, Green Feather Fern Charm Bracelet-Small Glass Rectangle-Nature's Wearable Art