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promise to always be sisters/best friends!! always to there for eachother know matter how far apart we are....Krista???

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I'd never get it personally, but it's so beautiful and innovative.

I've always wanted a cute couple tattoo. As long as it's something that wouldn't seem stupid if we broke up.

I think I want a family tree. When we got married the oak tree was a symbol we used, the oak for its endurance, the fruit (acorn) for its fertility. Now I'd like to tie all of those things together with my kids, my hubs and our oak tree all together permanently on my body. :)

Tattoos read: What God has joined together, let man not separate.

ahh want this but smaller and with lead me in it!. less fancy key though

Tattoo: very similar to mine! Only mine has flowers and goes across the top of the foot.

Ever since I have been married I have told my husband that I have wanted a tattoo on my finger to represent our commitment but could never think of anything. THIS IS AWESOME!!!! Lets see if he will do this with me on our anniversary 12/22/12