Backyard Landscaping Tips for a Family-Friendly Yard

Elements of a successful backyard landscaping plan include distinct zones, plant-filled edges, and a space to play.

Whip Your Garden Into Shape...great little article on what anyone can do by themselves to improve their outdoor space.

Whip Your Garden Into Shape: To spruce things up in a hurry, use this simple, three-step method. Read the full article at www.

An "invisible" trellis-use fishing line and train vines to grow on/around it.

Create Architectural Garden Accents

Casa de Euterpe: Decálogo do Artista - Gabriela Mistral

Orange flower art that just makes me smile! guerilla street art gardening whimsy with marigolds

Doggie friendly path with flagstone paving and creeping wooly thyme planted in the cracks.

The steps here lead to a garden that is simple, but balanced. Well-designed but not something that screams, "You'll be a slave to this garden!" Courtesy of Teufel Current Event and Landscaping Resource ~EBM