True or false?

hahaha..takes less effort to just get up

Completely genius.

story of elementary school. haha. (okay, and probably high school.)

HILARIOUS!!!! Click on it. More of the greatest inappropriate test answers from young children.

literally do this all the time.

Actually I DID learn about taxes in school. I took a special math class in school that taught math needed for real life. We also learned about budgeting (rent, bills, etc..). It was pretty cool.


hilarious! and so true!

forging signatures at a young age


I used to hate when my mom told me to look it up in the dictionary!


Really bad analogies written by high school students. Hilarious!

I do like half of these hahaha

admit tried this right away. Sam and I are still sitting here saying it over and over and giggling.


Funny Quotes & Pics


It happens...... ALL THE TIME!!!