True or false?

hahahahahahaha YES

Which way is the bus going: Buses, Feel Dumb, Feel Stupid, Random, Funny Stuff, Kids, Things, Bus Going

hahahaha! Iol

I used to hate when my mom told me to look it up in the dictionary!

hahaha..takes less effort to just get up



Yearly fads :)

I can't stop laughing...this was so true back in the day...LOL

This math teacher is awesome - He asked why my shirt said the square root of the answer - lol!

True lol

hahah kids are amazing!

Yep. Pretty much. 1 direction sucks compared to the Beatles. They will never be near as good as the Beatles.

hahahahaha dying

Thanks. Thanks for that.

So true! Lol

It works!

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evil genius.