• Laura Carmosino

    Bridal shower gift lol - Ironing board, apron, mop & cleaning products. All things we unfortunately need.

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Bridal shower gift. When buying towels of the registry - wrap them in a laundry basket!

Bridal shower gift would be cute if you could theme it around the wedding colors

great way to wrap an ironing board as a wedding shower gift

Ironing Board Lady-everything you can think of for a bridal shower gift.

Bridal shower ironing board gift

Ironing board lady shower present. Ironing board, mop, plate, oven mits, apron and utensils

Ironing Board Bride - she has an apron dress, dish towel arms, cleaning glove hands and mop hair. Combine in with an iron for a great shower gift.

Cute gift idea for someone who enjoys baking or even a bridal shower gift. :0)

Shower gift idea!! Ironing board with kitchen items attached to make an ironing board lady.

Bridal Shower gift: A lady made up of an iron for the body, a mop for the hair and an apron for her dress: practical items to be used for the home. Too cute!