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  • Atay Reihill

    Babybel ladybirds - such a cute idea!!! Team up with our ladybird party range & polka range :)

  • Stephanie

    Adorable Mini Babybel ladybugs

  • Atkin Jody

    snack for lesson on BUGS Ladybug Party - Babybel Cheese

  • Cheryl Holtkamp

    Lady Bug Cheese made with those red wax covered mini cheeses and olives!!

  • Kristen Barron

    I'm not dressing them up as lady bugs, but Babybel cheese for team snack!

  • Emily Williams

    Mini baby bell ladybugs! So doing this for my daughter's first bday.

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For B.: You probably don't want to teach him to play with his food, but just in case, I present the Babybel Cheese Boys!

Thought these were sweets but nope! They are cheese! Babybel Santas are a perfect match for those reindeer...

Ladybug Pretzels! So cute. So HAVE to make these!!!

I'm not sure what this is made of. Comment if you know please! | Octopus by Creative Kid Snacks, via Flickr

Super cute campfire snack made of cheese, pretzels, and grapes! [image only] by

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