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Did this last summer with the kids and they loved having the list. Whenever they were bored we went to the list to see if we could do something on it!

You CAN get your kids to help out around the house. Start chores early helps out tremendously later on, see what chores even a toddler can do.

15 Chore Ideas for 4-Year-Olds

Homemade Fabric Softener: Ingredients and Equipment cup baking soda cups distilled white vinegar cups water -Essential oils (optional) -Large clean bucket (preferably one with a spout for easy pouring, or you can use a funnel) -Clean bottle(s) for storing

Reward Points System and Home "Store"

I run a chore store, but I do not include, candy, or soda, just sugarless gum. The items are all "priced" in tickets. I purchased a roll of raffle tickets and I pay the kids in tickets for chores. The chore store is open on Sundays so they have a chance to save up tickets over the week. There are toys, stickers, character socks, anything you can think of. I also am working on coupons like, 30 minutes of video game time and such. I use those foil star stickers to price items.

50 lessons the second year of motherhood has taught me

Whether you've just celebrated your little one's first birthday, or you're getting ready to send her to preschool, you'll appreciate this light-hearted list of 50 lessons the second year of motherhood taught me.