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    • Debra Matheny

      WHY I WON’T VOTE FOR MARK DAYTON OR DEMOCRAT, EVER AGAIN! | My Story of Gang Stalking, Corruption and Domestic Terrorism

    • Debra Matheny

      I WILL NOT vote for Mark Dayton in the 2014 Gubernatorial Race! See comments confirming Daytons knowledge of the RICO RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MURDER OF MY DAD!

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    Fairview Range earns Governor's Safety Award?! Here's how out of touch with reality Governor Mark Dayton is! He has evidence and knowledge of facts I provided surrounding the suspicious death (MURDER) of my father! This MURDER was facilitated and covered up by the Fairview Range Hospital in Hibbing MN! The very same hospital he just recognized and awarded for safety!

    I continue to investigate on my own, providing my updated findings to the FBI. Last update concerning a person of interest (the mortician who pressured me to authorize my dads cremation and expedite the memorial service without a viewing) in my dads murder cover up!

    The Criminal Enterprise/ORGANIZED GANG STALKERS, networks through 1st Realty Rangewide to facilitate their corrupt agenda and distract from the GRANDER SCHEME! My dad was MURDERED 3 DAYS FOLLOWING THIS ESCAPADE. HAD I BEEN FOCUSING ON WHAT WAS GOING ON IN TOWN INSTEAD OF THIS, I MAY HAVE BEEN ABLE TO SAVE HIM!

    Gerald Raymond Clark permanently barricading my (now murdered) dads LEGAL EASEMENT (IN EXCESS OF 40 YRS) Recklessly endangering the lives of an 80 yr old man and his disabled companion/DEPRIVATION OF FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT! CONSPIRACY W/SHERIFF & COUNTY ATTORNEY, BRIAN SIMONSON, TO DEPRIVE RIGHTS UNDER TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 241 & COLOR OF LAW!

    My dad, asleep, in a wheelchair, WITHOUT SECURITY BELTS, tortured beyond exhaustion! This was taken at the Guardian Angels Nursing Home in Hibbing MN. and following numerous IGNORED, request by me, for him to be placed in bed!

    Avinity, Lee Center Hibbing TARGETED MY DAD FROM JUNE 2011 UNTIL HIS MURDER APRIL 2013! A network within a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE, associated with AEOA DIRTY MONEY, IRRRB and it's Commissioner Tony Sertich. Influence Peddling, Chum to Governor Mark Dayton.

    1 of the main perps in the theft by swindle to defraud my dad and I of everything we own/GRAND LARCENY, Kelly Biondich's former probation officer Jeff Passeri accomplice to deprive ME MY PROPERTY ADVISED BIONDICH, HE DID NOT HAVE TO RETURN SAID PROPERTY OR HONOR HIS AGREEMENT AND FULFILL OBLIGATIONS COMPENSATED AND NOT ADHERED TO! THEN THEY KILLED MY MAIN WITNESS! MY DAD! CELL PHONE RECORDS STILL PROVE AGREEMENTS!

    The suspicious events that led 2 my dads murder ensued 1 week following the publication of my petition 2 Governor Dayton. This followed over a 10yrs of my father & I being the targets of the bias administration of law & justice by the St. Louis Co. Sheriff Department, St Louis Co. Attorney(s), Corrupt Private Atty Richard Sellman & Ass's, assisted by his clients, the elite private sector accomplices, (neighbors) Gerald & Judy Clark, their cohorts & others.

    The Poet in My Heart | My Story of Organized Stalking, Corruption and Domestic Terrorism

    Subject: The defective Schrader Tank Valve, initially installed on my propane tank and ALLEGEDLY TESTED, Wednesday 02/05/14, morning. Orchestrated to appear as an accidental explosion.



    Gerald Clark and criminal comrades (St Louis County Sheriff / Olson's other neighbors) use of Electromagnetic radiation DEW's! See additional photo's of flesh wounds! THIS IS ATTEMPTED MURDER!