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From Curb Side Door to First Impression Art Piece!

What is it we love about Hook? Yes, he's hot, but there's something more. I think it's how he loves Emma from the moment he first meets her, and won't be dissuaded, no matter how often she pushes him away... like God loves us. Of course, I'm not saying Hook is like God in any other way, but I'm pretty sure He is handsome, too!

Detailed, step by step tutorial on how to crochet the ever popular and stunning star stitch!

Galaxy Star Mobile

How to Make a Mobile- place the square dowels across a wooden hoop to help balance and use knitted stars.

Geeky crochet hooks! Elder Wand from Harry Potter, Sonic Screwdriver from Doctor Who, Lightsaber from Star Wars, Lothlorien Leaf and the One Ring from LotR, King Arthur's Excalibur from Merlin/Arthurian Legend.

Second Star to the Right Print from Original Drawing by Catherine Dolch