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Il cativo Lupo!

Wolves are beautiful animals. Stop hunting and trapping these majestic creatures. Imagine living your life in fear of getting killed or trapped.

Nel Bosco...

Beautiful photo wild animals I'm a sucker for wild animals and their babies. Look at this beautiful shot, Im pretty sure i have a picture wh.

On the Lone Wolf Path!

Making that hopeful call. Strange how evolution has progressed from this to the mobile phone and ipad!



VARNƱAK | via Tumblr

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Gray Wolf--Brenda Price and Mary Ann Soto

Animals kill to survive, they do not hunt for sport or trophy . if men keep killing the wolves food source and keep taking the land.what will the wolf do? Do they go extinct because of man's greed & false pride? HELP SAVE THE WOLVES


Their enchanting personality is quite visible in wolf pictures. Nevertheless, wolf pictures can not capture the awesome personality of wolves.


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Well look at this photo. It is an animal that inspires the best human forces. Deserve respect, dignity and INTELLIGENCE!