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This is what I would love to do= Run far away in my flowing pink dress to where no no one knows me and I am free of the knowledge of the present.

Grab a coffee and have a quiet relaxing introverted day with your inner bookworm away from people in this nerdy t-shirt.

Glamorous in Black and White - Dior Campaign by Jean-François Campos (7 Photos)

“Reading in bed is a self-centered act, immobile, free from ordinary social conventions, invisible to the world, and one that, because it takes place between the sheets, in the realm of lust and sinful idleness, has something of the thrill of things forbidden.”

Dandelion Wishes ~ You be the sun, I'll be the moon - just let your light come shining through; and when night comes, just like the moon, I'll shine the light right back to you ...

This is a quick guide to introduce the beginner to one of the most important aspects in photography: lighting. The guide is in three parts. Part 1 talks about hard and soft light, part 2 looks at natural and artificial light, and part 3 examines light intensity and depth of field.

The girl was lying on the chairs, that were under the water, 2-3cm in deep near bank. The water was calm, so reflection is clear) Lightning is the sun setting down the horizon. I want to take a picture like this one day but i bet i cant find any one to do that for me!

February Lookbook Behind the Scenes - Free People Blog

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Pretty Presets for Lightroomfrom Pretty Presets for Lightroom

All about Light: Make lighting work for you, not against you!


Sitting. Needs to smile for senior portraits, looks to emotional