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    there was barely enough room for me! and when I woke up there were always some that had fallen out of bed =(

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    • Sarah Nagel

      seriously i legit thought my stuffed animals had feelings. sometimes they'd be put on rotations cuz i had too many. i kid you not.

    • Lexi Swanson

      Change "teddy bears" to "stuffed animals" and... yeah. All the time.<<< OHMYGOSH YES!!!!! I still have to remind myself that they are inanimate objects that don't have feelings when I don't have enough room in my bed and I'm getting way too old for that XD

    • Night Fang of the Fandoms

      I thought that I was the only one! But mine wern't Teddy bears they where stuffed animal cats....

    • C S

      not teddy bears (didn't like 'em) but every stuffed animal i owned at times, lol

    • Lucifa Alysa

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    • Ariana Sheldahl

      Oh my goodness I thought I was the only one who thought this way a a kid!!!

    • Sarah Betz

      so im not the only weird kid who did this!!!!!! SO cute and funny!

    • Bailey Correll

      So true for all 200 of the stuffed animals...

    • Amber Amato

      Hahaha can't stop laughing!

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    I like that bolder that is a nice bolder


    Click this image to browse lots more #Funny #humor pics & awesome #quotes! :)


    Haha guilty!!!


    Oh, Lilo. I feel you.

    The perfect description of my (very messy) bedroom.

    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh." - Mr. Big. SATC

    haha love this

    Ha ha!! Yep!

    My life

    I thought some stupid kid did this and then went to a different store and saw the same thing, started to laugh cuz I seriously thought the kid did it at the second store too lol

    every time!

    Yep that's me:)

    Ha. Yep!