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I love the asymmetry of this--the variety in the leaves and the colors--LOVE the colors.

The startings of a sleeve by Deryn at Tenacious Tattoo in Sheffield, she is so very talented!

this is fucking sick as fuck. i said fuck twice in the same sentence because that's how dope this tattoo is.

Working out of his own Love Hawk studios, David’s ornamental artwork is tinged with a folk-art spirit. Check out his illustrations and artwork

Like the idea of no black lines - not sure if it would work with my current tats though...

natural and yet stylized...multi-faceted surfaces.. I love this tattoo on a man, very beautiful- shows that nature and beauty is for any sex or gender..

like the idea of (three) framed panels, each with something different.

Flowers...hmm I'm wondering if I can cover or add on to my shoulder tattoo like this.

A little bit old fashioned, but def pretty Prints always get me. --Lace and Roses

David Hale. Favorite tattoo that exists in the entire universe that I have laid eyes on. And I have a tattoo by him. And I see him in may. And I talk with him. And he's so damn sweet. Dreammsss are true for once

A tatt by David Hale. He has some incredible work! o_o

Whoa! I love the puzzle piece. Literally what I was thinking about last night about my sweet heavenly babe.