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Bugs Do Battle: Creepy Crawlies Up Close (PICTURES)

A Polish photographer has spent hours capturing head-to-head insect battles. Igor Siwanowicz's shots of all-male battling insect include stag beetles, nymphs, caterpillars, a predatory stink bug a
  • Artsy Phartsie

    photo, bug, insect, praying mantis

  • Warren Hershberger

    Animals are not things. When you think of them as things it removes the obligation to be compassionate. Even tiny insects are not "things". A parent who allows their kid to kill bugs... well it is too bad in my opinion.

  • TheWisenedCrone La Scuola

    Hymenopus coronatus image | ... hymenopus coronatus tags animal blue orchid mantis hymenopus coronatus

  • Kathy Stevenson

    praying mantis - such beautiful colors!

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praying mantis what a great picture for inspiration for Desso carpet collection Freaks of Nature

Larva of a sawfly, Cimbex femorata. by Igor Siwanowicz - what a cute caterpillar, I wonder if he wags his tail when he is happy

All sizes | Did anyone see where I put my trophy? | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Orchid mantis photo by Igor Siwanowicz. Insects are amazing!

The Orchid Mantis (Hymenopus coronatus) is called so, because it mimics orchid flowers. They are usually white, but some of them grow little tints of pink over time. They live in papaya trees, orchids and frangipiani trees with flowers in Malaysia, Indonesia & Sumatra.

praying mantis... My husband is deathly terrified of these! He says, "they are the devil"... lol

Looks like it's praying! Let Everything that hath breath praise him "Mantis fly by Keith Trueman"

Macro Insect Photography By Igor Siwanowicz | Oculoid | Art & Design Inspiration

What i think our good ol' buddy P. Mantis looks like now.... ;-)