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  • Liz Omehe

    Lokitty and Thorgi…, so doing this to the cats and the dog, i want the avengers in my house... all of them.

  • Maureen Walker

    "Fully Prepared for any Pole Shift"! *Extra Dog Digging Outback New Dog House* Bunker, for Comet Ison's visit." Funny Pictures Of Animals Chew & Do Must add a little bit of Humor to Life!

  • Mercy Sharpe

    He's Adopted #Thor #loki

  • Tabitha de Luna

    Ten Ridiculously Cute Geek Pet Costumes - Loki cat, Thor dog

  • Cassi Gonzales

    He's adopted. #loki #thor

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AVENGERS the sarcasm & humor in this movie is the best.