Temp sensitive glass tile for the shower

"Invisible" tub / Made from a thick sheet of glass inserted between the two tile walls, it's so simple, yet I've never seen anything quite like it.


Mermaid tile, so pretty!

laundry hideaway - love this... Nice that laundry can not fall behind machine and a folding table right on top!

I want one! No more telling the kids not to slide down the steps.

floating cloud couch that uses magnets...always dreamed of sleeping on a cloud! (Whaaaaat??)



Dock hammock. I want this!

15 Secret Hiding Places That Will Fool Even the Smartest Burglar - Page 15 of 15 - DIY & Crafts

Crazy shower head

So Yummy

This could work....love the colors! Maybe a pebble tile floor?

Touch sensitive ceramic tiles..... perfect for a guest bathroom/conversation piece. Great idea for a table or coasters

This poolside rock climbing wall will take your backyard to new heights!

Tub inside the shower (And double showerhead!) No worries about splashing and can rinse off as you get out.

outdoor tub - lol wtf?

Kohler Waterfall Shower

Wow! Beautiful tile!

Every shower should have one of these