For those jeans that the zipper always falls down-seriously genius.

tie backs - very cute and so easy to make

Helpful hints and clever ideas to reuse items you have around the house.

Seats made from old tires, colorful and they look really easy!

Pants don't fit right in the waist? It happens to all of us! This super simple trick actually helps finally get you the perfect fit.

[Elastic Waist Inserts] in White or Black $14.98. Save your too-tight favorite pair of jeans or slacks with these inserts. You also get the look of tailored pants but the comfort of elastic-waist pants. Step-by-step illustrated instructions show how to stitch into finished slacks or alter a favorite pattern to add inserts. Includes two inserts PLUS 1 yd. of 6" wide elastic to make six more pair. (I bet you could DIY this! + would be good for maternity war too!)


Why haven't I ever thought of this? So Smart!

My feet aren't this bad, but need a little smoothing. Going to try this ;)

31 Useful And Most Popular DIY Ideas

Torn jeans "patched" with lace. Great idea for older, worn out jeans

How to keep bananas fresh longer - have to try this!

this, my genius.

Jean mending. Brilliant.


T-shirt makeovers... I need to stop getting rid of old shirts.. too many good uses!

When traveling, use a button to pair earrings! genius

zip installation shortcut good to know! mind blown! its gonna be so much easier to put in a zipper now

Blessing bags keep in car to give to the homeless.. so awesome, gonna stock up now :)

How To: Keep Your Strapless Bra in place

boxy to fitted tee