For those jeans that the zipper always falls down-seriously genius.

How to fix the gap at the back of pants. So need to read/learn how to do this! So many pairs of pants I don't buy cause of that 'gap'

Lifehacks - part 2

Jeans to skirt

Great idea? More like AMAZING IDEA!!! Summertime means lots of theme parks, zoos, adventures for the kids and what's one of our biggest fears as parents? That they will get lost and we won't be able to find them! So, here's a simple solution! Use a fine point sharpie or pen and write "If lost, call (your phone number)". Then use liquid bandaid on top of it. It will seal it in and it's waterproof and should last for about a day.

use a panty liner to block sweat/deodorant stains (for sweaters, etc.) WHAT?! This is GENIUS!

My feet aren't this bad, but need a little smoothing. Going to try this ;)

Looks easy!

Tic-Tac case as a bobby pin holder



Or just add the lace 'cause its GORGEOUS!


Yarn bowls are lovely and keep your yarn from getting tangled/roaming across the land, but they can be wicked expensive. | 26 Clever And Inexpensive Crafting Hacks

Alteration: keep original hem on jeans

Awesome idea!

Easy and beautiful!

This looks so incredibly comfy. I want one so bad, and I would buy it if it weren't so expensive...

#20. Cute ways to patch up your clothes! ~ 31 Clothing Tips Every Girl Should Know