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    • Kim Gutierrez

      Freeloader. Mitt the twit Hypocrite Level = EXPERT! Remember vote Republican if you want to help give the rich (meaning millionaires and above more money.

    • Mikayla Ekwell

      Hypocrite Level = Expert if this guy was currently running the country I'd be living in Mexico just sayin

    • E H

      What a total and complete douche bag/A$$hole. Hypocrite Level = Expert

    • Hootie Robinson

      Hypocrite Level = Expert PEOPLE OPEN YOUR EYES

    • Kim Gutierrez

      Mitt the Twitt- Hypocrite--> Expert Level.

    • Jodi Jensen

      Hypocrite Level = Expert - kiss my @$$

    • K N

      Expert Hypocrite, and an asshole.

    • Florida Mermaid

      Expert Hypocrite

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    VOTE OBAMA 2012!

    "The U.S. tax system does provide an incentive to locate production offshore," says Martin Sullivan, a contributing editor to Tax Notes, a non-profit publication that tracks tax issues.

    Vote them OUT!

    It's sad to see people vote Republican to give corporate billionaires billions of tax payer money in the form of subsidies and tax cuts, and then...and to see these people vote Republican so they can continue to live on poverty wages and their wealth taken away. not realizing that slowly their remaining rights will be taken away.


    tea party hypocrites



    Raise your hand! VOTE OBAMA2012

    Just sayin' . . .

    Yeah, there IS something you can do. 1. PAY ATTENTION. 2. GROW A PAIR. 3. VOTE. #Politics #Liberal #Democrat #USA

    bullshit story



    And don't forget the lack of environmental regulation - so they can dump all the hazardous waste they want. Yet people still vote republican while they simultaneously complain about the lack of good jobs.


    This machine allows anyone to work for minimum wage for as long as they like... A person would then conceivably realize that this is what nearly 2 million people in the United States do every day... at much harder jobs than turning a crank. This turns the piece into a simple, yet effective argument for raising the minimum wage.

    The US spent $812 billion in Iraq since 2003 | Instead we could have ...


    And they never will be! Are you listening Chief Justice Roberts? The Supreme Kooks really pulled a scam on us! Treasonous bastards! - Nicky J.