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Colloidal Silver for Pink Eye

Use of colloidal silver as an alternative medicine is well-known for many years ago. This article provides some information on the benefits of this suspension for conjunctivitis.

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I use this whenever any of my 4 kids get pink eye or throat infections plus more. 100% effective and safe. Also use this as a nasal spray at early signs of a cold. Have used it with my kids via nebulizer if they get any respirayory issues. My husband currently has a sinus infection for the first time and is using CS in his CPAP machine with success. Been making colloidal silver for several years. So glad I bought a machine to make my own because we use so much of it.

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Colloidal Silver to Heal Eye Infections. Dr. James Balch, M.D., (author of Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing), you can use colloidal silver directly in your eyes for Pink Eye & other eye infections (i.e., conjunctivitis). He recommends a few drops in each eye, several times a day, of 5 to 10 ppm colloidal silver. According to Robert O. Young, PhD, (author of The pH Miracle), colloidal silver works wonderfully for both eye AND ear problems (ringing, earache, etc.).

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