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I love it! An old jello mold, glass beads and baubles,charms and junk!

Quick and easy melted bead bowls- so cool, AND fun to make with your roommate!

Rope Canisters...could just wrap the rope around something you already have (paint bucket?)

Anthropologie's bead and chain necklace. Head to your local craft store for supplies to fashion a knock-off.

At last. A fun use for all the plain, unassuming buttons in my collection.

Dude, this is incredible! It's Elsa made out of those melt beads (I don't know what they're called...)

beautiful bubble wands - strong wire bent into a loop and wrapped ... then extending wire is threaded with beads of choice and then wire is twisted and tucked at end.

it's called a 'fishbowl snowman' but i think i might fix it a little diff as i'm not much on 'snowman' but really like the fishbowls...

This is awesome! Crafts for kids can look like a million bucks.

preheat your oven at 425 degrees F. Place a baking paper on top of a cookie sheet. Make the shapes placing your beads to your like. Have fun mixing colors and playing with different combinations. The flowers will take 10 minutes to melt. The earrings will take between 8 to 10 min. Must have windows open. Make sure kids are out of house while this is in oven.

Learn how to melt beads and make accessories with them. I think this could work for "brads" in scrapbooking