spring light

Pure Spring Color Palette (Clear Spring) Alina

Color Scheme

{ color spring } image via: @loving.the.aisle.seat

If you're doing a Spring wedding, here are some pretty colors! I love them!

{ color spring } image via: @littlegirls_greatbigdreams

Love this color palette

{ color nature } image via: @julie_audet More color inspiration http://www.wonenonline.nl/interieur-inrichten/kleuren-trends/


{ spring bounty } image via: @_ewabakrac

The dark purple and either a light green or light blue would make good wedding colors. Especially if you sees looking at a fall wedding.

I never paid much attention to this, but apparently I should! I'm a warm spring, no wonder I like so many of these colors. They can be hard to find :)


Resource that helps you in color selection, specially created with this aim; it is the generator of inspiration.

like this color combo

Spring colors inspiration. Flowers, sunny, warm and dreamy.

Kitchen colors

blue color, bright crimson color, bright pink color, bright-blue color, color matching, color of raspberry, color of sky, contrast combination of pink and crimson

"пыльный" зеленый, белый, бледно-бледно голубой, бледно-васильковый цвет, голубой, желтый, светло серый, серебряный, серый, серый цвет, теплый желтый.

cornflower blues