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Joining the ends of binding... :) I love this way of doing it. It's basically undetectable as to where you started and ended! :)

Binding Lesson - This comprehensive article covers all aspects of binding, including preparation, attaching and hand-stitching to back.

Best and easiest binding technique out there! Creating this pocket at the beginning means you don't have to be so precise in the length of the binding at the end. Tuck the end in the pocket, sew it down, and once it's folded over and hand sewn to the back, you can hardly tell where it joins!


6 YouTube Quilting Videos for Beginners

Beginners demonstrate the basic steps of quilting, including rotary cutting, chain piecing, applique, basting, hand quilting, machine quilting, and binding. 1. Rotary Cutting

Susie's Magic Binding - how to easily create a "flange" or "piping-like" edging to your quilt binding | Aunt Marti

I Can Teach My Child!from I Can Teach My Child!

Make It: Rag Quilt for Baby

I have been addicted to making these, I think i have made one for everyone that has had a baby! So easy and cute!

GREAT binding tutorial- fold binding in half and zig-zag raw edges together, line up edge with raw edge of quilt and sew with 1/4" seam allowance, flip binding up and iron away from quilt, fold binding on to back side and pin just over stitch line you just made, stitch in the ditch front side up, removing pins on back as you go.