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  • Ameryssa Leon

    cool website, you click on the body part that you want to work on, and it shows you work outs to do at home!

  • Susan Massengale McClain

    Exercise finder, click on the body part you want to work out and it will give you exercises. Yes please.

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for those tricky trouble areas.

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been doing something similar to this with light weights.

want a nice back?! arms?! legs?! this website tells you what exercises to do to target these areas

The focus on building back and shoulder muscles is often lost in the hyper focus on leg speed and strength, but after years of hard contact & speed skating stance, you'll need them to be strong to keep neck, shoulder, and back injuries at bay. Back pain during endurance drills is because the muscles are *over stretched* due to good derby form. Make them strong, and the pain will stop. :D // Derby

I don't often pin pics of "thinsporation" but this is what my goal is. except for the tan, I will never be that tan :)

Deadlifts x 8 – 10 Pull-Ups / Chin-Ups x 10 Inverted Rows x 10 Bent Over Rows x 8 – 10 Dumbbell Reverse Flyes x 10 Pushup to Plank Row x 8 – 10 Back Extensions x 15

These are great! Impossible to read the instructions, but the pictures are fairly clear. Site has other workouts for arms and legs.

Click the pic for an animated version of the workout. Finally, see the movement instead of just a description of what to do

Your best butt workout! I need to remember to do some of these at work... Except for jumping jacks- my boobies and I don't like jumping jacks