Use a dustpan to fill things that don't fit into your sink.

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10 THINGS you didn't know you microwave could do!

Sink extender for kids -

We just came back from a road trip and I wish I used the cupcake liner trick! how to clean a car Cleaning tips, cleaning schedule, green cleaning #green

GENIUS keeping bugs out of drinks!

Storage container.


Moving ideas- Organization -Fill nail holes with soap. | 33 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Puzzle cutting boards.... Love this.... would be great too for little house parties


How to heal cavities naturally. No more "drill it and fill it". How cool is this?

I've had one for two years and nothing works as well. Mine was made from 2 cups of DAWN and 1 cup of rubbing alcohol. I used the good ziplock bags- one inside on another with one zipper side down inside the other with the zip on top. Loosely wrap in a thin dishtowel or into a old pillow case. Mine started leaking after about a year so I just poured it into new bags. It freezes nearly solid but becomes maleable quickly. Don't use on bare skin without a cover- they are really, really c...

Remove a splinter easily by applying a paste of baking soda and water, then waiting several minutes for the splinter to pop out of the skin. Gotta remember this!

dry cereal container plus garbage bag = car garbage can! genius!

How to fix this...


Tub Cleaner: Vinegar And Dish Soap, No Scrubbing. Heat 1/2 Cups White Vinegar In Microwave For 90 Seconds, Pour Into Spray Bottle. Add 1/2 Cups Blue Dawn Dish Soap. Shake Gently To Mix. Spray On Surface, Let It Sit 1-2 Hours. Just Wipe It Away, Then Rinse With Water. Should Also Take Soap Scum Off Shower Doors.