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I am trying to recognize and take cultural appropriation out of my life. I understand that I shouldn't make someone else's culture "trendy" for my own benefit. Especially since the people who belong to those cultures get ridiculed.

Played Truth or Dare. Otherwise known as the effed-up Sophie’s Choice of having to do something risky and embarrassing or being forced to answer an emotionally devastating question. Oh, and your best friends are making you. That’s normal.

Hello, my name is Aurélie Pascale born in Paris, living in NYC. (Aureliepascale) is my instagram. I do not claim ownership of any of the photos below unless otherwise stated. I track the tag (forthosewhocravefashion) if you want me to check out your blog

Okay, so not pillows... but maybe confetti and camera flashes and crazy colorful lights streaming. Almost a "model shoot meets a club scene rave" kind of feel.

(Open RP) I was inside an alley Spray painting the walls. I'm a street artist you see. And I'm the of the best. Almost no one can beat my designs or my eye for color. I keep painting until I hear a noise, I freeze. If its police I'm screwed!


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